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Elsie sang in the Choir this morning at Saint Mark’s Cathedral, in Seattle, and so she also participated in the Palm Sunday Procession. The ceremony was held outside the front of the church, and highlighted drumming from a local group, and proceeded out onto the street with festive flags, choral singing, and an overflowing of joy.

It was only coincidence that I had my DSLR with me; I had a video shoot directly after the church service, and didn’t want to leave my camera bag out in the car that long. As soon as I saw what we were in store for, I realize this was something special and I decided to capture a few highlights. I’d just begun to shoot a little of the incredible drumming when Reverend Thomason appeared on the steps of the Cathedral and addressed the gathering crowd. His remarks were brief, and directly afterward, the choir led off the Procession with flags, banners, songs, and a joyful noise.

It felt, for all the world, like we were parading into Jerusalem alongside our Savior, even though we were ‘just’ singing our way through the damp streets of Capitol Hill. It was such a wonderful way to celebrate the day!

I hope this little film brings you a glimpse of the blessings and joy I experienced in this holy moment.


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