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I helped my wife, Sandy Nelson, hang art yesterday for tonight’s Capitol Hill Artwalk at 420 Pike Street. A series of portraits called Facing Homelessness is part of the exhibit, on loan from the Facing Homelessness Community here in Seattle as part of their Just Say Hello campaign. After spending a few hours hanging these portraits, I felt like I’d gotten to know the people in the pictures just a little bit. They’re very moving and I highly recommend coming out and seeing them in person. I’ve put them into a slideshow if you want a sneak peek, watch below. Information is here on time and location of the exhibit. A lot of other great art is at the show as well, including the blue fish hanging in the window by Seattle artist Becky Stromberg.

The vocalist singing behind the slideshow is Robert McFerrin, one of my favorite singers, accompanied by Norman Johnson, recorded in 1957. The two songs are from an album I’ve only been able to find on vinyl. If anyone has seen this thing out on CD, please let me know! A little aside on Robert McFerrin – he happens to be Bobby McFerrin’s father. The apple did not fall far from the tree in this family.




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