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Home Tastes Like Love is a short film which won the SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) 3 Minute Masterpiece award. The film was shot on location at Holden Village during their annual SnowDance Film Festival, and was originally 12 minutes long. Elsie and I had entered a 24-hour Film Contest at Holden and drew the genre of ‘Children’s film.’ Fortune does occasionally smile on us, eh?

But to enter the film into SIFF’s 3 Minute Masterpiece, it needed serious cutting, which was no small task. Every second of the 12 minute original was so stellar that the cutting needed to be done blindfolded while under the influence of multiple showings of Downton Abbey. Well, not really, but it wasn’t easy. The five odd items that appeared in the original were only there to satisfy the quirky contest rules at Holden, so that stuff went right away, and then word by word, phrases by phrase, character by character, I examined every bit of it and chiseled away until it was under the wire.

Home Tastes Like Love – on the Big Screen

As a SIFF finalist in the 3 Minute Masterpiece, Home Tastes Like Love was shown at the SIFF Theater in Lover Queen Anne in Seattle. Elsie and Sandy and I attended, and Elsie and I stood up in front of a crowded theater to take questions after the film had aired. It was very well received and we had a splendid time.

SIFF Website Review:

Created by Christopher L. Brown and Elsie Nelson Brown

A father and his young daughter teamed up for this sweet documentary on the meaning of “home.” Made in the midst of a 30-inch snowfall in Holden Village (a Lutheran retreat in the North Cascades) back in February, the film collects children’s perspectives on the sights, smells, tastes, etc., of home. “These kids were very impromptu about their [statements] and I loved that about it,” he said. Originally made for Holden Village’s Snowdance Film Festival, Christopher Brown cut it down from the original 12 minutes to a 3-minute version for the competition.” In some ways, I kind of like [the short version] better,” he said. “It’s nice and compact and gets to the whole point much quicker.”

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