Amanda’s Plate Chicken Waffle Video

Amanda’s plate chicken waffle video is a one minute video starring Amanda Saab, teaching how to make chicken waffles. The chicken featured in the video is by Crescent Foods. Yum.

Amanda Saab is an incredible cook and chef, as well as a very active writer and blogger who has a very busy website full of wonderful recipes and cooking advice called Amanda’s Plate. Amanda has been a featured chef on Seattle’s Kitchen, and is also a community activist and organizer, with her series of events called Dinner with your Muslim Neighbor.

I met Amanda for the first time at her home near Seattle, Washington. We shot the Amanda’s Plate Chicken Waffle video right in her own kitchen. I set up a Cannon Mark II 5D on a tripod pointing directly down over her work space, and I operated the camera by standing on her kitchen counter. We laughed more than once at the odd arrangement, but soon the kitchen smelled wonderful and the footage was great.

Crescent Foods Chicken

Amanda set right to work on her waffle making and before long had created perfect waffles for the first half of her dish. Next she fried the chicken, which came from Crescent Foods. Crescent Food’s chicken is certified Halal, which is an important dietary concern for Muslim recipes.

Post production – from 4 hours to 1 minute

The film came together quickly. Amanda had already chosen the music track for the film, and she had a strong idea of the style of the film she wanted to make. And she had set the final length to be one minute. My challenge was to find the best one minute’s worth of footage among the nearly four hours of raw material. Oh, and to make it fun and engaging and educational. With Amanda cooking, though, it was easy to find great shots and tell the story of her amazing dish. Please enjoy the video, and your new most favorite recipe!

  • Project Type: Food Video
  • Services: Camera operator, Video editing
  • Client: Amanda Saab - Amanda's Plate
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Website: