King Rex Electric WordPress Website

King Rex Electric WordPress Website project came together in the fall of 2016. Rex Hungerford runs a Seattle-based electrical services company. Rex needed a website in order to advertise his electrical services. Initially, those services include a wide array of residential and commercial electrical specialties. ‘King’ Rex operates in the Greater Seattle / King County area in the State of Washington. You can find Rex’s site here: King Rex Electric.

Rex and I discussed various platforms and options for his site. Rex indicated that he’d like to blog, once his new electrical business takes off. As a result, we chose WordPress Content Management System as a good option for his site. Currently we’ve built the site using a Kadence premium theme, and Rex is beginning to learn the ropes of blogging and creating his own content. In the meantime, he’s working on folk’s electrical problems and his website is looking good!

Start Small, Grow your WordPress Business

King Rex Electric is a great example of starting off small and growing a site into something more robust. Initially, Rex needed a site that he could point potential clients to so they could learn more about his services. But he also wants a site where he can add value back into the community by writing about home electrical repairs. By being clear about the long term goals, we were able to set up the site to handle the immediate needs of advertising. But Rex is also set to become a writer and pontificator of all things electrical as soon as his busy schedule allows.

Rex is also planning to take more photos of his work and to collect statements from satisfied customers. In this way we can create a ‘testimonials’ section of his website. Testimonials are a great way to highlight the good work Rex has done, and the happy customers he’s served.